The End Of Nexus, The Dawn of AOSP Devices…

Everyone knows that officially Google has discontinued the Nexus product line with Pixel being the successor. What about the Indonesian scene?


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Indonesian market got an early discontinuation of Nexus line up, since there were no sign of official Nexus 5X or even Nexus 6P even though LG and Huawei has their own official rep here. Moto Nexus 6 was around for like a short amount of time in a retailer chain stores but never rose to fame.

OnePlus in their early days ship their phones with CyanogenMod, one of the most famous AOSP builder, and were the kind of ‘last resort’of tweakphone before OnePlus officially leave Indonesian market in the end of 2015.

In the Indonesian android scene, the choice of near-vanilla android is close to nothing. People still circulate the gray imported Nexus 5X, Nexus 6P, OnePlus 2, and OnePlus 3; but that’s it. No more global products with worldwide developer support.

The only thing came close is the Xiaomi phones. Xiaomi fanbases here are pretty strong and very open about customizing their devices to their liking; a very rare sight for the users of the more renowned brand like Samsung or LG.

Ever since I got my hands on G4, (P.S: the Indonesian G4 is the H818P – not the global H815) most of the users lack the tinkering soul and simply subconsciously forcing themselves to accept their devices as it is. No custom made rom, no tweak zip packages, like the G3 days. Same goes with the S7. S7 peeps here are only concerned about their hardware failures and has little to no desire to make the most of the devices. If things gets hard, they will always go “I’m scared I’ll brick my device” or “I’m afraid I’ll void my warranty”

I miss the days where android phones are the phones of the infinite tweakabilities, not just end-user-that’s it-I won’t tweak it whatsoever-it’s too risky- device like iPhones.


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