The Transition – G4 to S7


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I have this notion or tendency of choosing the non mainstream choice. When the public was stormed and in awe with the almighty Symbian and Nokia, I comfortably lived with my Sony Ericsson Walkman Series. Even in the rise of the Blackberry wave, I got the Samsung Star (yeah, that Samsung Star – the proprietary OS powered – resistive touchscreen phone). Even when I joined the android bandwagon, my first choice was not a popular option – LG L9.

Until recently, in the first half of 2016; you can say that I was a major LG player since a few years back – LG G2, LG G3, and LG G4. And G4 is inevitably my last LG phone.

At that moment, G2 was the ultimate dreamphone – great screen, great performance, great camera, great battery life, and the back-mounted power button + volume button combo, equipped with breathing LED was extraordinary – the latter was the thing G3 and G4 fell short, IMO.

The G3 was the one of a kind revolutionary piece of device – laser AF, QHD screen – though the battery life and the heating got the best of it – even then, LG still took my heart when it first revealed the G4 – the paradox of what Samsung done with the S6 – the classy leather back, removable back and external memory, plus class-leading camera performance that was still left most hearts in awe, even when the 2016 flagships are around. That leaves us to the question;

Why S7? Not G5?

There’s a simple answer: because there’s no (officially sold) G5 in Indonesia!
Indonesian market only got the G5 SE (the downgraded version) of the G5 – that’s why most of G5 (the non SE variant) sold here are the Singapore or Hong Kong version, and they are shady imports that has no official support from Indonesian LG rep. And this is quite an issue, because like most phones, G5 has some issues (don’t flame me yet for badmouthing – go wander around xda and Indonesian G5 group, you’ll find out)
And this is the more elaborate answer: because I care about the future.

Why the future? Because my G4’s warranty ended – any future breakdown and a fortune must be spent. And, I am no longer a single guy anymore – any expense must be done behind carefully planned analysis – and buying a LG phone is not a great investment. Yes, yes, phones are depreciating assets, but still, LG G5 SE was sold under a kind of overly eager pricing – and it’s no secret that in Indonesia, LG is kind of an unknown brand – most of the common people still has limited knowledge on LG mobile thus most LG phones are treated like cheap Chinese brands – very heartbreaking resale value. Another thing is that Samsung phones are relatively have a longer product life span here in Indonesia – you can still found many small phone shops selling the Galaxy S5!

My choice was quite limited at the moment – I couldn’t set my heart on Mi5 or OnePlus 2 or OnePlus 3… Tried with A5 2016 but the weather endurance was a let down for me… rode through a slight pour and the phone’s touchscreen died! My only choice was the S7… The dual pixel camera kinda able to make me forget the awesomeness of G4’s cam.. And the Exynos 8890 performance was very satisfying for me. I got the flat variant, not the edge variant, because though it has better battery life, it’s screen was kind of horrifying – so many issues happened on quite a few users (found on Indonesian S7/S7 Edge group in FB and kaskus)… not as widespread as the bootlooping G4, but still…

All in all, I hope that this S7 will last me more than a year…

Peace out, readers.


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