Smartwatch – How It Was, How It Is, How It’s Gonna Be

I bet, until this post is published, most of the majority of the people still think that wearable tech is uncommon. But in this article from digitalpulse, the number of wearable users are growing steadily. But I’m not gonna write much about adoption rate, I’d rather narrate the history of wearables, especially in Indonesia.

The cellular world was rocked in the early 2010’s when some local OEM released a wrist-mobile phone. Though it may be bulky for most people, it had its certain market and fans.


*picture taken from fjb kaskus

Why did it fall short? It was because of the half baked features. Making a call was awkward, responding to text messages was awkward, cameras and everything felt like it’s an unfinished product. Then, the smartwatch world was quiet. Until…

The rise of Pebble Smartwatch. The birth of Android Wear. The beginning of Apple watch.
These marks the modern wearable eras. Those platforms were introduced as an extension of our smartphone and does nothing much as a device on its own.


*image taken from, copyright by macrovector

Pebble produces the hardware and the software by itself, began its journey by crowdfunding. Android Wear is just like its Android core; has many OEMs with variety of hardware and software skinning. Apple Watch, just like any devices from Apple, is in total control of its mother company. Each has their own SDK and its own app catalog. For now, most people see Apple Watch and Pebble as a fashion statement rather than a fully functional smartwatch; and Android Wear as the thing only nerds with budget have.

The current era smartwatches suffers from lack of decent power source and a hit or miss speech and gesture control. I’d very much like to see the self-sustaining smartwatch with decent weather proofing (I’m looking at you, G-Shock!) with a more intuitive UI, supported by better gesture and speech control implementation.

Until such future happen, I guess I’ll stuck by my Zenwatch 2.

Peace out, readers.


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