Fanboy Phenomenon – Xiaomi vs Samsung

First of all, credits to Gadgetin for creating these two videos; of which inspires me to write this post:
Samsung Fanboy

Xiaomi Fanboy

Why Samsung? Why Xiaomi?
It is kinda established and widely known in Indonesia that Samsung Indonesia is kind of fierce in terms of pricing that some of the consumers found the products are somehow overpriced; while Xiaomi is known as the brand that offers best price-to-spec ratio; though it doesn’t come with compromises.

Samsung in Indonesian people’s mind is the leading Android OEM, and Samsung brand oozes quality. I personally used Galaxy S3, A5, and currently using S7, and I can’t really argue with it. Even though the S3 plagued with eMMC issue, and my own A5 really sucks in term of daily durability, the user experience is definitely above average. Minimum stutters or hassles in daily usage, ease of software tweaking, and plenty of accessories to get; Samsung does offers quality.

But maybe not in the lower-low-mid tier products (my wife’s and my mom’s Galaxy Grand sucks as hell, and my in law’s Galaxy Ace 2 is just as terrible).

What about Xiaomi? Well, for starters, Xiaomi is able to offer Snapdragon 820-powered Mi5, at half the price of Galaxy S7 or G5. In Indonesia, Mi5 price is even lower than similarly specced OnePlus 3. Xiaomi also have great mid-low tier products as well – Xiaomi pioneered the bargain phone market in Indonesia when it released Redmi 1s – a very decent product at it’s price range; at that moment, no other OEM was able to sell a nicely specced US$ 100 product – and its legacy followed with Redmi Note series and other Redmi series. I personally used Redmi 2 Prime and Mi4C for quite a while, and it does offer a nice user experience – with some drawbacks, as well.

My Redmi 2 suffers from a broken camera module (and unfortunately I bought the grey import product, so…) and my Mi4C was an acting replacement for my G4 that was being repaired… Though the computing power was on par, the camera is nowhere near the G4 (it was expected  though – I still worship G4 as one of the best cameraphone ever)

These 2 brands have their own respective fan bases and their own prides as well.

Samsung fanboys with their believe of the class and quality of their products,

Xiaomi fanboys with their firm believe of the tweakability and the value of the products.

And as you can see in the video I linked earlier, you can see how the fanboys fare to each other.

Oh, and it’s still inside the Android world. Don’t get me started with android fanboys vs ios fanboys :))

Peace out, readers.


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