Credibility Check – Self Introduction


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Good day, readers.

If I learned a thing or two from my past blog pages… I always started my post with my pseudo interview or some bland greetings – and I’m afraid I’m gonna do the same now.

This is my effort of being another tech blogger that aren’t doing bland reviews.
And why is that? Why the decision of being a tech blogger?
It was all started with my childhood. Exposed with a lot of sci-fi actions like Robocop and Terminator as well as Kamen Rider, (my all time favourite is The Matrix series!) my interest in tech grows. Especially in handheld tech.

Had a gameboy color and gameboy advance in my elementary – middle school days, transitioned to early java Sony Ericsson devices in my high school and college days, and was a witness of the rise and fall on Nokia and Blackberry.

The rise of Symbian? Felt it. Even tried to became one with 5730, 5800, and E72.
Transitioned to Curve 9300, with Onyx 2 9780 as my last Blackberry device.
The lengthy war between google, apple and microsoft with iOS, Android, and Windows Mobile? I’ve tasted early iOS versions with iPod Touch gen 2 and 3; lived with Gingerbread and Ice Cream Sandwich, tried the Windows Phone in their 8th version (was a hellish experience – I’ll get to it later).

Even played the tablet game with Galaxy Tab 2 (and I have been thinking about returning… but I can’t decide what tab should I get).

Point is… I’m an mobile device enthusiast. With the perspective of the 15-40 YO male Indonesian, and some previous experiences… I’ll start anew with this page.

See you soon, readers.


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