Blog Hiatus – Update

Hello everyone… You might have noticed that I haven’t written anything since 2 or 3 months ago… and now since the CES is happening, I should have a bunch of things to write about… But that’s not how this blog goes… this is not just some tech news updater… (hell, we already have that much […]

Happy Ending (?)

Feelings are the most curious things that set each other together, or drift apart. Time is the key to dissolute and letting go. Happiness is not found anywhere else; it’s always near; it’s inside. In the end, we are in control of our own.

Thoughts About Mi Mix

I’m sure I’m not the only one to think about Mi Mix like this, but I can’t help to think that… this… *taken from is some kind of rebranding and specced up of this… *image taken from AOL

The Transition – G4 to S7

*image taken from I have this notion or tendency of choosing the non mainstream choice. When the public was stormed and in awe with the almighty Symbian and Nokia, I comfortably lived with my Sony Ericsson Walkman Series. Even in the rise of the Blackberry wave, I got the Samsung Star (yeah, that Samsung […]

Fanboy Phenomenon – Xiaomi vs Samsung

First of all, credits to Gadgetin for creating these two videos; of which inspires me to write this post: Samsung Fanboy Xiaomi Fanboy Why Samsung? Why Xiaomi? It is kinda established and widely known in Indonesia that Samsung Indonesia is kind of fierce in terms of pricing that some of the consumers found the products are somehow […]